Friday, 15 November 2013

But I'am Chris jericho!!

I'am an avid fan of pro-wrestling, to me it is larger than life , it is what's best for business and yes "it's still real to me damnit!"
Every real wrestling fans know that Chris Jericho  is the real deal and always have been. He started from mexico than japan than W.C.W. and finally landed his dream job in the W.W.E . 

With his majestic debut , everyone thought he is going to be the next big thing and eventually he did but he has to overcome a number of obstacles. 

When he decided to get out of the industry , he was not really considered a legend and he knew it . His legacy was yet to be solidified and he knew that.

Meanwhile his rock band Fozzy was gradually getting over and has now become a great commercial success. Jericho proved it again that he could build a kingdom out of scratch.

Fast forward to 2013 and Jericho is starting over once again with his new web series 

This awesome comedy is about the life of one retired chris jericho who have to cope up with his idiotic and moronic room mate (and sometimes his dad too). He is going to be the best actor in the world. But do not this light hearted comedy fool you , this is real hardwork on chris's part and i can see how hard it is.
So i want everyone to check out this awesome web series and laugh your respective asses off.
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