Monday, 11 November 2013


It's faster than a plane, faster than a bird and hell even faster than cooking maggi!!. What is it that i'am talking about ??
It's the not so orthodox advertisement gimmick that is being exploited by various singers , publishing houses and individials . The funda is that you just have to insert the word "punjabi" in a sentence and voila here come millions of punjabi buying or illegaly downloading your songs. And if you're clever enough to use this superpower in a more cliched way like the word party and punjabi , suddenly you are rich!
The master of the craft is the undisputed YO YO HONEY SINGH , he has been doing all his career and look where it got him . I remember 4-5 years back when honey singh bursted into the scene . Suddenly everyone who owned a "chinese" phone (mainly 13-16 years old kids) were playing volume 1 while the neighbourhood uncle and aunties looked with disgust and now the same honey singh
is a mainstream artist.
So if you want your business to boom kindly rename your shop from "aggarwal sweets" to "punjabiyan di shaan" sweets or "g**** mein dum hai sweets". 
I assure of double sales within weeks.
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  1. hahaha you nailed it bro , gaa*d mein dum hai sweets .I expect more such articles from you, subscribed, followed u, and liked.

  2. thanx man i really appreciate it and i promise more good articles