Friday, 9 January 2015

Burger point , C-4 janakpuri ,

Burger Point Janakpuri:
#TodaysBhukkadJunction: Burger point , C-4 janakpuri . 

Extravagant Burgers in affordable prices . Here's a #Bhukkadtip: just you're from Maharaja Surajmal Institute and you get 10% discount exclusive.


A small setup with personnel when you look at will have your doubts, but the food turned out to be quite remarkable. So this what happens when the expectations aren't there but your are surprised with what you are delivered. Nice crisp aloo tikki in the burger-aloo tikki crisp, fresh lettuce and dressings were also fine and not on the irritating side. The fish burger-fish crisp, had a fair fish patty but this one had a strong dressing and lots on to chew that puts the flavor of fish on the background which then seems to you where is the fish in it. The chicken crisp- had a good chicken patty with regular combination with lettuce and other veggies. So to say that the burgers were nice and a local joint shelling out good burgers is always appreciated.

011 64656533
                                                     +91 9873182240
Opening hours: 10 AM to 11 PM

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